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Tightly gripped cock

Mean mistresses do not give pure pleasure. If ever you feel like youre being pleasured, you should as well expect that shed bring double or triple pain. Thats exactly what this man experienced when he immediately followed the mistress commands due to his horniness.To see more CFNM and Femdom Movies Click Here!He is asked to go naked and he instantly did with thoughts of getting laid. Well, he indeed gets laid on a table, though the domina remains in her mini dress. This domina wont allow that cock to get inserted into her pussy hole; rather, all she wants is to masturbate his cock and give it a little spice of pain as punishment for his horniness. Theres nothing else this man can do since he already has his hands and feet tied up. The mistress even got herself seated on the mans stomach as she handjobs his cock tightly. You can see her twisting the mans balls that it almost turned red. He has to shoot all his cum out fast or shell squeeze his cock and balls even more till it dries out.To see the Femdom Movies for this post Click Here! Continue reading →

Ebony wrestles man

?Who?s your momma now??? These are the words that the chubby ebony domina uttered when she knew she is dominating this man in a wrestling match. This weak man dared to fight her and so she knew she has to be strong. Well, even if she has no practice, she would still and would surely defeat this guy.To see more CFNM and Femdom Movies Click Here!The white man is brave enough to challenge the chubby ebony mistress. He is actually giving her a good fight at first, but as time passes, it becomes a little boring since he cannot anymore bring the same energy he has at the start. She moves her body up on his so he would have a hard time moving. She even got her legs wrapped around him, which actually turned out to be a great tactic of keeping him down. As a result, this domina is obviously the winner of the match.Click Here to see this Mistress in Action! Continue reading →

Milked and battered

Men surely love to masturbate their cocks a lot and most especially to have someone who will extract cum out from it, either by handjob or fucking. What we have here is a man, who?s longing so much to have a fuck with someone. And just when he thought he?d get to pump his cock on two ladies? pussy holes, he?s totally wrong.To see more CFNM and Femdom Movies Click Here!Indeed, two ladies are there to help him with his cock, which should already let him feel lucky. But then, what these ladies want is neither a fuck nor a plain pleasurable handjob. The man is asked to lie on his stomach on a table, and he?s surprised that his cock is inserted through a gloryhole. Now he knows what?s bound to happen on him. The ladies are under the table for his cock. They held his cock only to give it so much pain. They grip on it real tight and even tied his balls. They slap his cock, but at the same time, they as well give it a handjob. This man should remember the saying? no pain, no gain.To see the Femdom Movies for this post Click Here! Continue reading →

A Sweet Engaging Milking Process Through Gloryhole

Her luscious and sweet-colored hair makes this young domina even sweeter while milking a cock through a gloryhole. She is playful and she seems to be having fun as she pleasures this man a lot with her inviting moan and smooth and pleasurable cock stroke.Click Here to see the Full Femdom MoviesThe mans cock cant help but grow bigger and harder even if the domina hasnt started stroking it yet. She began feeling the cock, touching its shaft and then its balls, and continues on moaning as if shes also being pleasured. She would stroke it real nice and slow, looking very eager to extract and see this mans every cum drop.To see more CFNM and Femdom Movies Click Here! Continue reading →

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