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Cock Gets Teased And Put To Gloryhole Milking Torture

His impressive pole was stroke till he is rock hard. He was brought to the edge of orgasm, only to have beaten down by his mistress who tried to laugh and ridicule him. Mistress begins to raise it again which does not take very long and bring him to the point to cumming only to smack it down once again.Click Here to see this Mistress in Action!This time, she raise it with a brutal tease, letting the slave think that she will going to suck on it at the same time. The cruel tease makes him rock hard and once again close to orgasm and again she beat it down and laugh. Moments later, his balls were swollen and his dick was wired up. Forcefully he tossed his load across her cruel hands.Click Here to see the Full Femdom Movies Continue reading →

Forcefully milked

A domineering mistress gets what she wants when she wants it even if it means putting a man to total distress. What you are about to see is an old mistress who has been alone for years and now longs for someone to have some pleasure with. Just in time for her desire, a young boy sneaks in her room. Continue reading →

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