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From Nice And Slow To Hard And Fast Stroking

Nothing makes this big titted mistress happy but to give a huge cock a hand job and that means exploiting her slaves meat. She wants him to get himself naked and lie on the table as she ties her hands and feet on it to restrain him from making any movements. To see the Femdom Movies for this post Click Here! The mistress starts to please herself by jerking off his meat gently but sooner or later she picks up the pace and begins to give him hard recurring strokes. Continue reading →

Naked man got beaten

When a man?s cock is masturbated by a woman, it is very usual that the man would reach his orgasm real quick and shoot out his entire cum real fast. Well, what we have here is the opposite of that. No matter how much the man wants to cum, it seems like the lady doesn?t want him to. Continue reading →

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