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Handjob brings pain

Do not ever let your girl notice that you just want to see her so you could be jerked off; else, you?ll end up like this pathetic man. In case you get caught and she finds out that you only want her hands on your cock for a handjob, she?ll turn into a domineering mistress like you?ve never seen her before.Click Here to see this Mistress in Action!Once this man arrived, this lady already asked him to go naked. Without questions asked, this horny man followed. He also lied down on the table and is surprised that his girl tied him up. Well this isn?t the kind of fun he wanted before he reach orgasm? this is the other way around. The lady then began holding his cock and started masturbating it. She knows he wants it so bad. Later on, her grip on his cock becomes so tight and from there she tells him that he would now call her his mistress. He can only cum if he asks permission and if the mistress would allow him to.To see the Femdom Movies for this post Click Here! Continue reading →

Gaintess smothers

Dominas are truly playful. Perhaps all they think of everyday is how to play? not the usual games for kids though, but play in a sense that theyre playing with men. They want to be the domineering ones, while the men always get the slave role. Another of such is what you are about to see when this domina decides to have a physical game against a man.To see the Movies for this set Click Here!While on the mattress and while in her bikini, she disturbs the poor mans television relaxation. The man is indeed surprised since this domina actually slams his weak body with her giantess built. She is indeed much taller and she sure is also a heavy woman, but she cares for nothing. All she wants is to lie on her stomach, using the mans as her own mattress. They seem to argue for the remote control, and of course, this lady wont allow herself to lose. She then smothers the man while still on top of him, putting his head in between her big legs. This would only end until her favorite television program ends.Click Here to see this Mistress in Action! Continue reading →

Ebony wrestles man

?Who?s your momma now??? These are the words that the chubby ebony domina uttered when she knew she is dominating this man in a wrestling match. This weak man dared to fight her and so she knew she has to be strong. Well, even if she has no practice, she would still and would surely defeat this guy.To see more CFNM and Femdom Movies Click Here!The white man is brave enough to challenge the chubby ebony mistress. He is actually giving her a good fight at first, but as time passes, it becomes a little boring since he cannot anymore bring the same energy he has at the start. She moves her body up on his so he would have a hard time moving. She even got her legs wrapped around him, which actually turned out to be a great tactic of keeping him down. As a result, this domina is obviously the winner of the match.Click Here to see this Mistress in Action! Continue reading →

A Sweet Engaging Milking Process Through Gloryhole

Her luscious and sweet-colored hair makes this young domina even sweeter while milking a cock through a gloryhole. She is playful and she seems to be having fun as she pleasures this man a lot with her inviting moan and smooth and pleasurable cock stroke.Click Here to see the Full Femdom MoviesThe mans cock cant help but grow bigger and harder even if the domina hasnt started stroking it yet. She began feeling the cock, touching its shaft and then its balls, and continues on moaning as if shes also being pleasured. She would stroke it real nice and slow, looking very eager to extract and see this mans every cum drop.To see more CFNM and Femdom Movies Click Here! Continue reading →

Agony via gloryhole

When a domina tells you that she would be glad to masturbate your cock, never ever let her do that. Never ever let your horniness upsurge with the thought of having your cock pleasured because that?s never ever going to happen. It?s just the mistresses? way of luring so they can perform their mischievous and domineering act on you.Click Here to see the Full Femdom MoviesIf you?re in doubt, you better watch this man, who indeed suffers from mistress? wicked behavior. He?s lured alright and he immediately got himself naked. He even lay on a table not knowing that there?s a hole on it, waiting for his cock. Now his cock is bound to suffer torture through that gloryhole. She then squeezes his balls and grips his cock real tight. The mistress also got a special belt made just for him and for his cock. She slaps his cock with that belt and after few seconds, she again holds the cock tightly for handjob. Now that?s both pain and pleasure from a wicked mistress.Click Here to see this Mistress in Action! Continue reading →

Ass and cock checkup

When you are in need for a checkup on your private part, make sure the doctor has concerns for the patients. Some doctors, lady doctors to be particular, can be so mean just like what we have here that she could bring you more pain instead of making you feel better.Click Here to see this Mistress in Action!Sadly though, this pathetic man experienced what we?re talking about. He visited the doctor for a checkup but it turned out the other way around. As demanded by the doctor, he has gone naked and laid himself on the table. Next, he is asked to bend his body so his ass would be near the doctor?s face for checkup. The doctor wore her gloves before doing the procedure as her nurse assists her. Slowly, she then inserts her finger right into the man?s ass hole! Now that?s really painful. She said she?s examining his prostate but it seems not like it. It brings so much pain to the weak man but the doctor doesn?t care. Finally, she checks his cock by giving it a handjob till it cums, which made him feel a lot better.Click Here to see the Full Femdom Movies Continue reading →

Cock beaten by two

Having a man?s cock masturbated is probably what pleasures them the most. Well that is if the lady masturbating them doesn?t have any hidden agenda and simply wants to pleasure their cock; because what we have here is not someone who you would want to masturbate your cock Continue reading →

Fucked in the ass

Would you like to know how it feels like to get fucked in the ass? That?s painful alright even if you don?t experience it. Now if you?re having a hard time trying to imagine it, then you better watch this video as this shows a poor man, who looks very miserable as he gets fucked in his ass. Continue reading →

Punishment in jail

If you are in prison, be sure to abide by the police?s commands or get punished in their private room, where no one will hear you if you scream. But, when a lady police is to handle your punishment, perhaps you could rejoice a bit because somehow you?d be pleasured, though you?d still experience pain in the end Continue reading →

Mistress smothers

If you?re trying to make a fool out of a domineering mistress, you better take pre-cautions before doing so or you?ll end up being humiliated. If you think you cannot beat her and you cannot even fight back, then make sure not to insult her or you?ll just put yourself down in the end. To see the Movies for this set Click Here! The man here is kind of foolish and playful as he becomes rude to the mistress in body fishnets Continue reading →

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