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Milked and battered

Men surely love to masturbate their cocks a lot and most especially to have someone who will extract cum out from it, either by handjob or fucking. What we have here is a man, who?s longing so much to have a fuck with someone. And just when he thought he?d get to pump his cock on two ladies? pussy holes, he?s totally wrong.To see more CFNM and Femdom Movies Click Here!Indeed, two ladies are there to help him with his cock, which should already let him feel lucky. But then, what these ladies want is neither a fuck nor a plain pleasurable handjob. The man is asked to lie on his stomach on a table, and he?s surprised that his cock is inserted through a gloryhole. Now he knows what?s bound to happen on him. The ladies are under the table for his cock. They held his cock only to give it so much pain. They grip on it real tight and even tied his balls. They slap his cock, but at the same time, they as well give it a handjob. This man should remember the saying? no pain, no gain.To see the Femdom Movies for this post Click Here! Continue reading →