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Cock beaten by two

Having a man?s cock masturbated is probably what pleasures them the most. Well that is if the lady masturbating them doesn?t have any hidden agenda and simply wants to pleasure their cock; because what we have here is not someone who you would want to masturbate your cock Continue reading →

Cock slap & handjob

Before a man gets pleasure from a domineering woman, he first has to suffer a little pain. Now if you?re curious as to what kind of pain you need to undergo first before having that wanted orgasm from a furious domina, you better watch this video. Continue reading →

Torture on gloryhole

I know and everybody knows that masturbating is definitely pleasurable and it can surely bring one to ecstasy. Moreover, it is more satisfying when someone is doing it for us? Or perhaps it?s not always like that, huh? Continue reading →